Frequently Asked Questions


Mode of Payment / Reservation

  • Reservation is P5,000 and should be made through bank deposit; BDO (Cash deposit) and China Bank (Cheque deposit). Reservation fee is deductible from the total amount.
  • When the reservation fee has been paid, we will send you the signed contract and official receipt through email.
  • If and when the client decides to pay the remaining balance during the event, it should be done through cash basis only.

Playing time

  • For events except weddings, 3 sets are at maximum with 45mins each.
  • For wedding here are the performances: DOWNLOAD HERE

Sound System

  • Having a good sound system is a prerequisite for a good sound quality of music.
  • We can recommend a sound system service whom we have worked alongside with in several events.
  • They cover lights and sound system for about PHP12,000.00 covering Metro Manila (except Alabang Area). This rate is enough for a venue that covers 120-150 pax.
  • We require a ratio of one microphone per artist per event.


  • Buffet or plated meal from the caterer will do.
  • In the event that musicians are not included in the buffet meal, food allowance amounting to P350.00 per musician and staff should apply.

Requested Songs

  • Maximum of 3 requested songs only
  • If the music sheets of the preferred songs are available on the internet, they will be free of charge. Otherwise, the client shall pay the amount of Php500 per song.
  • Your requested song/s will be transcribed by our Music Arranger.


  • We highly recommend adding Percussion if mostly of your songs are upbeat/modern.
  • It is better also to consider your guests both young and old in choosing songs.